Socially engaged arts organisations and artists in creative conversation on communities, creativity and Covid-19 in 2020.



This project investigates documents and shares the range and scope of hyperlocal socially engaged arts practices across England that have emerged in response to Covid-19. The research will result in a sharing of good practice among the hundreds of small arts organisations and the even bigger numbers of freelance artists in the UK, impacting on their work with some of the communities worst affected by Covid-19.

The data gathered will also contribute to an enhanced understanding of the social aspects of the pandemic and will impact on our growing understanding of the implications of the disease and its aftermath for those communities hardest hit, as well as within the larger social sphere.

The research involves a series of facilitated conversations using creative and participatory qualitative research methods. The data gathered through these conversations will be used to create an audio-visual document which will be of value to three audiences:

- socially engaged artists and arts organisations;
- community groups, local authority arts officers and charitable bodies with an interest in socially driven arts work;
- scholars in applied theatre and in human or cultural geography who are interested in the social questions that are emerging as a result of the pandemic.

Scholars who are interested in the role of practice in research will be particularly interested in the ways in which social questions are being articulated and responded to by groups and communities most affected by Covid19 and its repercussions.