Stimulating Demand-side Innovation through Policies on the Public Procurement of Innovation (PPI)

Impact: Political impacts


University of Manchester (UoM) research has influenced international policy and initiatives for the public procurement of innovation (PPI). Key findings have shaped the European Commission’s Innovation Procurement Broker scheme, which was piloted in 2018 at a significant economic scale of EUR600,000 per project. This research also informed the Inter-American Development Bank’s (IDB) changes to its funding criteria for public procurement and shaped its development of a new PPI funding mechanism, which has invested USD500,000 in pilot projects. In Chile, UoM research has informed the first PPI directive and the development of The Chilecompra Innovation Platform, which brings together government allocations for public purchasing (share of USD13,000,000,000) and innovation (USD1,003,000,000). A follow-on project, the Procure2Innovate programme, has increased PPI capacity in 10 European countries.
Impact date2015
Category of impactPolitical impacts

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  • Manchester Institute of Innovation Research