Strengthening planning for urban climate change adaptation and resilience

Impact: Environmental impacts, Societal impacts, Political impacts


The Horizon 2020 RESIN project, building on a 20-year programme of research at the University of Manchester, has improved planning and decision-making for climate change adaptation and resilience across Greater Manchester and Europe.
(a) Our research has advanced the development and implementation of the Manchester Climate Change Framework 2020-2025 and the Climate Change and Low Emission Strategies: Whole Place Implementation Plan for Greater Manchester (2016-2020), by giving adaptation and resilience strategy greater prominence on the policy agendas of Manchester Climate Change Agency and the Greater Manchester Combined Authority.
(b) Our online spatial decision support portal, the European Climate Risk Typology, has provided a practical tool for policymakers, advancing their understanding of climate risk and shaping policy development. The portal has: supported the European Investment Bank in the development of its climate risk model; improved the European Environment Agency’s understanding and communication of climate risk; and informed the adaptation and resilience agenda advanced by the European Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy.
Impact date20162020
Category of impactEnvironmental impacts, Societal impacts, Political impacts