The Centre for New Writing: Developing New Writers and Audiences, Enriching Public Debate and Informing Arts Policy

Impact: Society and culture, Awareness and understanding, Policy


This case study draws on practice-based research by writers working in The Centre for New Writing (CNW). CNW brings together writers at different career stages, whose work spans different forms, in one vibrant, creative hub. Distinctive as a unit with a pedagogic, professional and public-facing profile, CNW has developed and encouraged outward-facing activity, fostering a fluid connection between different reading and writing publics and academics working in the industry. The research has: i) enabled the shaping of public debates on inequalities and identity; ii) created new opportunities for young and underrepresented writers; iii) developed audiences for new writing; and iv) influenced arts policy and investment strategies in the North West of England and Ireland.
Impact dateAug 2013Nov 2020
Category of impactSociety and culture, Awareness and understanding, Policy