The development of new international regulatory standards deliver global engine emission limits and reduction in aviation soot

Impact: Health and wellbeing, Environmental


The University of Manchester has developed research-led methods to quantify and standardise the measurement of non-volatile particulate matter (nvPM) from aircraft engines, impacting an industry worth approximately USD10Billion per annum. These
methods were adopted by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) to update aircraft emissions regulations, which affect local air quality across the globe. New
international measurement and emission standards for large aircraft engines were introduced. This research enabled:
i) two new international standards for nvPM emissions measurement;
ii) subsequent technical contribution and drafting of the ICAO regulatory documents; and
iii) the introduction of nvPM mass and number concentration emission limits for new aircraft engines, to reduce global aviation soot.
Impact date1 Aug 201331 Jul 2020
Category of impactHealth and wellbeing, Environmental
Impact levelAdoption