The impact of the production and characterisation of graphene

  • Andre Geim (Participant)
  • Konstantin Novoselov (Participant)

    Impact: Technological, Economic


    The isolation and characterisation of graphene by Geim and Novoselov demonstrated its potential to underpin disruptive technological change across an incredibly broad range of industries. This resulted in rapid global uptake of new technologies in the REF period, with at least $200m recent commercial investment in graphene production. Blue-chip companies have also made significant investments leading to the generation of 7740 industrial patents. The first set of graphene-based products has reached the market with revenues already exceeding $10m per month. This commercial activity has been matched by global shifts in public research and innovation funding of at least $2.4bn, as governments have moved to facilitate graphene research and commercialisation.
    Impact date2014
    Category of impactTechnological, Economic
    Impact levelAdoption

    Research Beacons, Institutes and Platforms

    • Advanced materials