The Manchester Patch Test Assay: providing a scientific test for the efficacy of anti-ageing products

Impact: Health impacts, Economic impacts


Extensible fibrillin-rich microfibrils support elastic fibres that endow tissues with elastic recoil. We showed that microfibrils are degraded in photodamaged skin, causing loss of elasticity and wrinkling. We developed a rapid in vivo assay, ‘The Manchester Patch Test Assay’, which predicts the potential of anti-ageing products to restore microfibrils in photoaged skin. The assay was used to demonstrate the efficacy of a Boots Healthcare anti-ageing product, showcased on BBC Horizon in 2007. Impacts include: dramatically increased sales for Boots, investment and changes to product development strategies of international personal care companies, who now use ‘The Manchester Patch Test Assay’ to support product claims
Impact date2014
Category of impactHealth impacts, Economic impacts
Impact levelAdoption