The University of Manchester’s environmental and asset monitoring “spinout” Salamander

  • Boult, Stephen (Participant)
  • Peter Morris (Participant)
  • John Gaffney (Participant)
  • Boyd, Nathan (Participant)
  • Victoria Hand (Participant)

    Impact: Environmental, Economic


    Spinout Salamander was created to exploit research in the UoA on environmental monitoring. Building on the research, the company has developed and marketed a suite of branded products: two for monitoring water-quality in distribution (Hydraclam® and Chloroclam®) and one for monitoring ground gas (Gasclam®). In each case the defining feature is the ability to provide secure, standalone, continuous monitoring. The products have been licensed to Siemens (Hydraclam® and Chloroclam®) and Ionscience (Gasclam®), and have had significant impact on “best practicable means” and, hence, major impacts on regulated industries. Since 2008, Salamander has received royalties of over £1.0m, commensurate with end-user sales of £7.0m.
    Subsequent to 2014 research has continued at UoM to define the performance envelope of the products in order that standard operating procedures can be defined for users and service providers and therefore, crucially, pricing structures. Research has also been undertaken to demonstrate the utility of the devices in managing networks and producing cost savings.
    Impact date19932018
    Category of impactEnvironmental, Economic
    Impact levelAdoption