Voice of Resilience



The project ‘Voices of Resilience’ (Voces de Resiliencia) is a collaboration with a disaster researcher and a city official in the town of Talcahuano. See: https://sites.manchester.ac.uk/voces-de-resiliencia/. Our intended impacts are: (1) to centre local experiences of disaster survival/recovery in DRR policies in Chile; (2) to enhance understanding of the value of resilience in life in general to understand disaster resilience; (3) to inform practice and enhance knowledge and skills in the realm of primary school education about DRR in Chile. The overarching changes we hope to see are an increased awareness and appreciation of DRR tools rooted in local experiences, and a centring of intergenerational relations in that work.

The research activities underpinning this effort focused on life history interviews we conducted with older people in Talcahuano, asking them about their experiences of the earthquake and tsunami of 1960 and 2010. Their stories became the basis of intergenerational workshops we carried out with these older people and 20 children (11-13 years old). We also produced: (1) an illustrated book of the life histories with drawings by the children, (2) a documentary film about the older people and the intergenerational work, (3) comics drawn by children about disaster preparedness, and (4) a tabletop game about disaster risks, preparedness, and resilience in Talcahuano. We also had a closing ceremony where we presented these works to local community members in December 2022, and also presented the project and outputs to the Ministry of Education and ITREND (a disaster education and research institute based in Santiago).