Organisation profile

Organisation profile

The University of Manchester is advancing our understanding of the world in which we live, addressing inequalities to improve lives.

There are pronounced inequalities across the world, within individual countries, and in our own city of Manchester. While progress has been made on some aspects of inequality, it’s still the case that food, healthcare, infrastructure and resources are plentiful in some areas, yet scarce in others. Far too many households struggle with low income and poor job prospects.

Across the world, men and women’s opportunities, experiences, their potential and their quality of life are shaped by unequal treatment, prejudice and discrimination due to their personal characteristics or family background.

As we have done for almost two centuries, The University of Manchester is leading the way in addressing all aspects of inequality, from poverty to social justice, from living conditions to equality in the workplace. Bringing together some of the best academic minds in applied medicine, business, law, social sciences and the arts, we’re meeting these challenges head on, creating and sharing knowledge to understand our world and directly change it for the better.

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