Healthier Futures

Organisation profile

Organisation profile

Healthier Futures is bringing together academics, policy makers, campaign groups and businesses to act upon the causes and consequences of health inequalities around the world. The Initiative will focus on themes including, but not limited to, poverty and deprivation, the environment, employment and productivity, children and young people, ageing, ethnicity and racism, and health and social care resourcing, access and delivery. 

We are:

  • Mobilising research across disciplines at the University of Manchester to address health inequalities and ensure healthier futures for all.
  • Building capacity and communities​.
  • Showcasing the University of Manchester’s groundbreaking interdisciplinary collaborations​.
  • Developing solutions in partnership with practitioners, policymakers and publics​.

Healthier Futures is a strategic research priority for The University of Manchester due to: 

  • The unique position of the Greater Manchester region:
  • A diverse population of 3 million people that experiences significant health inequalities.
  • Significant local political appetite to address challenges, building on the GM Inequalities Commission and reports from Michael Marmot (Build Back Fairer) and Health Equity North​.
  • Devolution gives us greater integration of health, social care, local and regional government.
  • Our broad and deep expertise, spanning disciplines, topics and methods:
  • Much of our work focuses on the ‘upstream’ causes of health and care inequalities.
  • Strong relationships with our communities and local NHS.
  • Data assets (e.g. GM Secure Data Environment for population health and care research).
  • University commitment to social impact and strong performance for delivery against the UN SDGs (THE ranking).
  • Existing, internationally-recognised, research capabilities in global inequalities, which is one of our 5 research beacons.
  • International partnerships (e.g. Kenya, Toronto, CUHK) that allow us to work with populations and healthcare systems around the world to have global impact.

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