Manchester China Institute

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    Manchester China Institute, The University of Manchester, 178 Waterloo Place, Oxford Road

    M13 9PL Manchester

    United Kingdom

Organisation profile

Organisation profile

The Manchester China Institute (MCI) promotes multidisciplinary research and teaching about China across all faculties at the University of Manchester, with a focus on the Humanities. Given Britain’s past experience as a colonial power in China, MCI is particularly keen to help educate the British public about that shared past, and to oppose Orientalist (and Occidentalist) knowledge production about China (and the West). While embracing differences, therefore, we celebrate our common humanity: Chinese or British, all deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.

Impact, equality, understanding are central to the MCI mission:

  • Impact. MCI engages in socially responsible research with impact beyond academia, seeking to benefit Britain, China, and the world.
  • Equality. MCI seeks to create a more equal world through research on economic, gender, racial, and other inequalities both within China and between China and the world. 
  • Understanding. MCI promotes empathy and mutual understanding in UK-China relations, seeking to reduce the likelihood of conflict.

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