Alexander Lanzon


  • Professor of Control Engineering, Department Head of Research (EEE), Deputy School Head of Research (SoE), EEE - Academic & Research
  • Floor 3 Core 1E Office 1, Engineering Building A, School of Engineering, University of Manchester, Oxford Road,

    M13 9PL Manchester

    United Kingdom

Accepting PhD Students

PhD projects

Highly capable graduate students wishing to read for a PhD degree in Control Engineering with me are encouraged to contact via email in the first instance, sending me their CV and their detailed transcripts of previous university studies.

I am interested in supervising PhD students in robust control (inc. passivity, dissipativity, IQCs); nonlinear control (via input-output methods); control of negative imaginary systems; fundamentals of feedback control theory; and control applications to complicated dynamics (e.g. robotics, UAVs, advanced motion systems).

Highly competitive PhD scholarships are available for both UK and foreign citizens. PhD applications must be received sufficiently early to meet the deadlines of many of these scholarships. A list of available scholarships is provided at "PhD scholarship opportunities in Engineering" wherein you can read about the corresponding eligibility criteria and scholarship rules.

If a prospective PhD student has their own funds (e.g. private or a government scholarship) to cover all the costs of their PhD studies, it is highly advisable to explicitly state this when you initially contact me as competition is more fierce for students who seek scholarship support in addition to admission.

After initial preliminary email contact with me, strong candidates will be encouraged to submit a formal PhD application form. In order for your formal University application to be directed to me once it is received by the central administration offices, please make sure you write Prof A Lanzon (Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering) under "Proposed Research Supervisor".

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