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Expertise related to UN Sustainable Development Goals

In 2015, UN member states agreed to 17 global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all. This person’s work contributes towards the following SDG(s):

  • SDG 3 - Good Health and Well-being

Education/Academic qualification

Unknown, Doctor of Philosophy, risk factors and prostate cancer risk, University of Nottingham

16 Sept 199920 Jan 2004

Award Date: 20 Jan 2004

Research Beacons, Institutes and Platforms

  • Healthier Futures


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  • Identification of independent association signals and putative functional variants for breast cancer risk through fine-scale mapping of the 12p11 locus

    Zeng, C. (Contributor), Guo, X. (Contributor), Long, J. (Contributor), Kuchenbaecker, K. B. (Contributor), Droit, A. (Contributor), Michailidou, K. (Contributor), Ghoussaini, M. (Contributor), Kar, S. (Contributor), Freeman, A. (Contributor), Hopper, J. L. (Contributor), Milne, R. L. (Contributor), Bolla, M. K. (Contributor), Wang, Q. (Contributor), Dennis, J. (Contributor), Agata, S. (Contributor), Ahmed, S. (Contributor), Aittomäki, K. (Contributor), Andrulis, I. L. (Contributor), Anton-Culver, H. (Contributor), Antonenkova, N. (Contributor), Arason, A. (Contributor), Arndt, V. (Contributor), Arun, B. K. (Contributor), Arver, B. (Contributor), Bacot, F. (Contributor), Barrowdale, D. (Contributor), Baynes, C. (Contributor), Beeghly-Fadiel, A. (Contributor), Benitez, J. (Contributor), Bermisheva, M. (Contributor), Blomqvist, C. (Contributor), Blot, W. J. (Contributor), Bogdanova, N. V. (Contributor), Bojesen, S. E. (Contributor), Bonanni, B. (Contributor), Borresen-Dale, A. L. 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  • Prediction of breast cancer risk based on common genetic variants in women of East Asian ancestry

    Wen, W. (Contributor), Shu, X. O. (Contributor), Guo, X. (Contributor), Cai, Q. (Contributor), Long, J. (Contributor), Bolla, M. K. (Contributor), Michailidou, K. (Contributor), Dennis, J. (Contributor), Wang, Q. (Contributor), Gao, Y. (Contributor), Zheng, W. (Contributor), Dunning, A. M. (Contributor), Montserrat, G. (Contributor), Brennan, P. (Contributor), Chen, S. T. (Contributor), Choi, J. Y. (Contributor), Hartman, M. (Contributor), Ito, H. (Contributor), Lophatananon, A. (Contributor), Matsuo, K. (Contributor), Miao, H. (Contributor), Muir, K. (Contributor), Sangrajrang, S. (Contributor), Shen, C. Y. (Contributor), Teo, S. H. (Contributor), Tseng, C. C. (Contributor), Wu, A. H. (Contributor), Yip, C. H. (Contributor), Simard, J. (Contributor), Pharoah, P. P. D. (Contributor), Hall, P. (Contributor), Kang, D. (Contributor), Xiang, Y. (Contributor), Easton, D. F. (Contributor) & Zheng, W. (Contributor), figshare , 8 Dec 2016


  • The Cambridge Prognostic Groups for improved prediction of disease mortality at diagnosis in primary non-metastatic prostate cancer: a validation study

    Gnanapragasam, V. J. (Creator), Bratt, O. (Creator), Muir, K. (Creator), Lee, L. (Creator), Huang, H. H. (Creator), Stattin, P. (Creator) & Lophatananon, A. (Creator), University of Manchester, 28 Feb 2018


  • Reproductive profiles and risk of breast cancer subtypes: a multi-center case-only study

    Brouckaert, O. (Contributor), Rudolph, A. (Contributor), Laenen, A. (Contributor), Keeman, R. (Contributor), Bolla, M. K. (Contributor), Wang, Q. (Contributor), Soubry, A. (Contributor), Wildiers, H. (Contributor), Andrulis, I. L. (Contributor), Arndt, V. (Contributor), Beckmann, M. W. (Contributor), Benitez, J. (Contributor), Blomqvist, C. (Contributor), Bojesen, S. E. (Contributor), Brauch, H. (Contributor), Brennan, P. (Contributor), Brenner, H. (Contributor), Chenevix-Trench, G. (Contributor), Choi, J. Y. (Contributor), Cornelissen, S. (Contributor), Couch, F. J. (Contributor), Cox, A. (Contributor), Cross, S. S. (Contributor), Czene, K. (Contributor), Eriksson, M. (Contributor), Fasching, P. A. (Contributor), Figueroa, J. (Contributor), Flyger, H. (Contributor), Giles, G. (Contributor), González-Neira, A. (Contributor), Guénel, P. (Contributor), Hall, P. (Contributor), Hollestelle, A. (Contributor), Hopper, J. L. (Contributor), Ito, H. (Contributor), Jones, M. (Contributor), Kang, D. (Contributor), Knight, J. A. (Contributor), Kosma, V. M. (Contributor), Li, J. (Contributor), Lindblom, A. (Contributor), Lilyquist, J. (Contributor), Lophatananon, A. (Contributor), Mannermaa, A. (Contributor), Manoukian, S. (Contributor), Margolin, S. (Contributor), Matsuo, K. (Contributor), Muir, K. (Contributor), Nevanlinna, H. (Contributor), Peterlongo, P. (Contributor), Pylkäs, K. (Contributor), Saajrang, S. (Contributor), Seynaeve, C. (Contributor), Shen, C. Y. (Contributor), Shu, X. O. (Contributor), Southey, M. C. (Contributor), Swerdlow, A. (Contributor), Teo, S. H. (Contributor), Tollenaar, R. A. E. M. (Contributor), Truong, T. (Contributor), Tseng, C. C. (Contributor), van den Broek, A. J. (Contributor), van Deurzen, C. H. M. (Contributor), Winqvist, R. (Contributor), Wu, A. H. (Contributor), Yip, C. H. (Contributor), Yu, J. C. (Contributor), Zheng, W. (Contributor), Milne, R. L. (Contributor), Pharoah, P. P. D. (Contributor), Easton, D. F. (Contributor), Schmidt, M. K. (Contributor), Garcia-Closas, M. (Contributor), Chang-Claude, J. (Contributor), Lambrechts, D. (Contributor) & Neven, P. (Contributor), figshare , 7 Nov 2017