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Azam Tafreshi, BSc, MSc, PhD, DIC, CEng, FIMechE


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Following a BSc and MSc in Mechanical Engineering, she was awarded a PhD and DIC in the field of computational solid mechanics from Imperial College, London.  Her postdoctoral position was at the NDE centre at University College London. She is the sole author of 20 of her international journal publications and 2 book chapters. Her major field of research is computational solid mechanics in relation to design sensitivity analysis, shape and topology optimisation, fracture mechanics, fatigue analysis and mechanics of composites.

Through her research she has developed several novel computer algorithms based on the boundary element method. She is a fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. At the University of Manchester, she has been the lead lecturer and sole developer of syllabi and course materials for both undergraduate and postgraduate lecture-based modules, including aerospace structures (I,II,III), numerical stress analysis, finite element method and mechanical engineering structures (III).

Research interests

  • Finite element and boundary element methods
  • Shape and topology optimisation of engineering structures
  • Composite structures
  • Numerical optimisation algorithms
  • Fracture mechanics
  • Contact analysis


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