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Christopher J. Conselice is a Professor of Extragalactic Astronomy at the University of Manchester whose research is focused on galaxy formation and evolution through cosmic time.  He works with space and ground-based data and computer simulations to determine how galaxies have formed from the earliest epochs in the universe until today.  He has led several large HST surveys including the GOODS NICMOS Survey (GNS) and is a founding member of other large surveys including CANDELS and GOODS.

He is the PI of the Advanced ERC grant, EPOCHS, designed to study the first galaxy formation at the epoch of reionization based on James Webb Space Telescope Data.  He is also the lead editor of the "Galaxies and Cosmology" corridor for the Astrophysical Journal and AAS Journals.

He maintains a web site on his popular writings called "The Astronomer's Notebook"

Prof. Conselice joined the University of Manchester in 2020.


NASA Graduate Student Fellowship, 2000-2001

Postdoctoral Fellow, Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI), 2001

National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow, Caltech, 2001-2005

Lecturer, U. of Nottingham, 2005-2008

Reader and Associate Professor of Astrophysics, U. of Nottingham, 2008-2010

Professor of Astrophysics, U. of Nottingham, 2010-2020

Professor of Extragalactic Astronomy, U. of Manchester, 2020 - 

Education/Academic qualification

Bachelor of Arts, Physics, University of Chicago

Doctor of Philosophy, Astronomy, University of Wisconsin Madison

External positions

Lead Legacy Scientist, Euclid Consortium

Visiting Professor, University of Nottingham

Areas of expertise

  • QB Astronomy
  • QC Physics
  • QA75 Electronic computers. Computer science