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  • 2017

    Compositions and uses and methods relating thereto

    Philip, M., Carole, M-C., Michael, R. & Curtis, D., 29 Nov 2017, IPC No. A61P 27/ 04 A I, Patent No. GB2550632, Priority date 15 Dec 2015, Priority No. GB20150022144

    Research output: Patent

  • 2008

    Treatment of fungal and / or protist infections

    Dobson, C. & Ltd, A., 28 Aug 2008, Patent No. US2008207508 (A1), WO2007000584 (A1) RU2008102928 (A) KR20080030060 (A) JP2008546831 (T) EP1896502 (A1) CN101208355 (A) CA2610720 (A1) AU2006263600 (A1)

    Research output: Patent

  • 2007

    Treatment of Viral Infections

    Dobson, C. & Ltd, A., 24 May 2007, Patent No. WO2005058959 (A2) WO2005058959 (A3) JP2007535910 (T) EP1709075 (A2) CN1894281 (A) CA2548585 (A1) AU2004299343 (A1

    Research output: Patent

  • 2006

    Treatment of Bacterial Infections

    Dobson, C. & Ltd, A., 8 Nov 2006, Patent No. EP1718325 (B1) WO2005082399 (A2) WO2005082399 (A3) US2009169598 (A1) JP2007524420 (T) ES2324481 (T3) CN1925866 (A) CA2554486 (A1) AU2005216703 (A1) AU2005216703 (A2) AT427116 (T

    Research output: Patent

  • Treatment of viral infections

    Dobson, C. & Ltd, A., 18 Oct 2006, Patent No. EP1711526(A2), WO2005061539 (A2) WO2005061539 (A3) US2009048171 (A1) JP2007536910 (T) CA2548740 (A1

    Research output: Patent