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David is a second year PhD student in the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences. This project aims to construct a 3-dimensional geological and physical property model of the subsurface beneath Greater Manchester and the Cheshire Basin. It is funded by Greater Manchester Climate Emergency and concerns the utilisation of the subsurface to meet the Greater Manchester Combined Authority emissions targets. These are to reduce CO2 emissions by at least 50% during 2020-2025 and down to zero by 2038 at the very latest. 

There are three general areas which the model aims to address.

  • The decarbonisation of heat through the utilisation of geothermal energy. If we can heat (and cool) buildings with renewable geothermal energy, we can reduce emissions.
  • The storage of Hydrogen and other gases in underground caverns or aquifers. Hydrogen can be used as a fuel and burns without emitting carbon dioxide. 
  • Carbon Capture and storage refers to the storage of carbon dioxide in underground aquifers, as opposed to releasing it into the atmosphere. This project aims to find if there is anywhere in the project area where carbon sequestration is feasible.

Areas of expertise

  • QE Geology
  • Petroleum Geoscience
  • Regional Geology
  • Seismic Interpretation
  • Subsurface Mapping