Drupad Trivedi


Accepting PhD Students

PhD projects

Currently for the year 2023/2024 my group has opportunities for one fully funded PhD position and three self-funded PhD positions (with an option for competitive funding where indicated).

Funded project 1. BBSRC DTP (fully funded, 4 years, starting October 2024): Skin microbiome-host metabolome interactions [Deadline 19th Jan 2024]

Details: https://www.findaphd.com/phds/project/bbsrc-dtp-investigating-metabolic-changes-of-human-skin-microbiome-as-a-function-of-human-sebum-composition/?p163407

My lab currently also has three self-funded PhD projects open as listed below. Please see ‘Opportunities’ section for more details about the projects, person specification and how to apply.

Self funded project 1: Wearable sensor development for disease diagnostics

Self funded project 2: Integration of multiomics and clinical data for predictive modelling in diseases

Self funded project 3: NMR method development for characterisation of sebum

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