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My research focuses on the development and application of numerical techniques to tectonics, sedimentation and basin evolution. I am interested in employing numerical models to question the dominant processes involved in regions of active faulting associated with sedimentation and determine which key parameters cause observed geometries in both two and three dimensions. The information gained is compared with observations from natural examples of fault growth, stratigraphic relationships and scaling laws.

Examples of modelling applications:

  • Structural processes in two- and three-dimensions to investigate the influence of strain rates, material strength and multi-layer rheologies on fault propagation.
  • Testing the controls of syn-tectonic sedimentation on active faults including those in salt-influenced basins.
  • Three-dimensional modelling of the effects of sediment supply, base-level change and fault propagation on the development of basin stratigraphy and growth strata.
  • The three-dimensional evolution of rift basins using single and multi-phase extension
  • The generation and preservation of dinosaur tracks in a discrete substrate
  • The influence of material properties on the failure of cliff faces
  • Earthquake generation in strike-slip faulting

I am currently working on a three-dimensional model of rift basin evolution that fully couples tectonic and landscape evolution processes.

Areas of expertise

  • QE Geology


  • Numerical modelling
  • Landscape evolution
  • Structural geology
  • Rift basins
  • Stratigraphy
  • Salt tectonics


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  • Geomorphology

    Mitchell, N., Jones, M., Covey-Crump, S., Jerrett, R., Huuse, M., Finch, E., Bahia, R., Zhao, Z. & Chang, Y.

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  • Geophysics

    Mitchell, N., Mecklenburgh, J., Rutter, E., Huuse, M., Finch, E., Chandler, M., Chang, Y., Zhao, Z., Shi, W., Bashir, Y., Ardo, B., Newton, A., Cox, D., Lloyd, C., Putuhena, H., Sarkar, A., Nnorom, S., Owolabi, O., Malah, M., Soutter, E., Dunlevy, E., Balila, A., Alhammami, S., Olobayo, O., Serié, C., Chenrai, P., Sharples, A., Le, A., Lamb, R., Harding, R., Gulmammadov, R., Calves, G., Bureau, D. & Muniz Pichel, L.

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