Personal profile


I am an AHRC-funded PhD researcher in Linguistics at the University of Manchester. I am supervised by Dr Vera Hohaus and Professor Andrew-Koontz-Garboden on my project: 'A study of temporal comparison in English and Malay'.


  • MA Linguistics, University of British Columbia (2022)
  • MA Linguistics, University of Manchester (2019)
  • BA (Hons) Spanish and Portuguese, King's College London (2017)

Prizes and awards


  • 2022–2023 NWCDTP Award +3 (plus tuition), AHRC, £17,668 GBP
  • 2021–2022 FY Fellowship (plus tuition), UBC, $18,200 CAD
  • 2021–2022 President’s Academic Excellence Initiative PhD Award, UBC, $1,500 CAD
  • 2021–2022 International Tuition Award, UBC, $3200 CAD
  • 2020–2021 Graduate Support Initiative, UBC, $22,900 CAD
  • 2020–2021 President’s Academic Excellence Initiative PhD Award, UBC, $900 CAD
  • 2020–2021 International Tuition Award, UBC, $3200 CAD
  • 2015–2016 ERASMUS+ Study Grant, €700 EUR
  • 2014 Santander Award, £350 GBP


  • 2021 Jacobs Research Funds. Topics in the Grammar of Secwepemctsín (Shuswap) $6000 USD
    Principle Investigator: Prof. Henry Davis

Activities and esteem


By reviewed abstract

  • April 28 2022 “Clausal Comparatives in Secwepemctsín”, Manchester Forum in Linguistics 9, University of Manchester
  • Nov. 19 2021 “Expressing Comparison in Secwepemctsín (Shuswap)”, Graduate Student and Postdoctoral Research Day, University of British Columbia
  • Aug. 15, 2021 “Degreeful Comparison in Secwepemctsín”, International Conference on Salish and Neighbouring Languages 56, University of British Columbia
  • March 14, 2020 “Phrasal Comparatives in Malay”, Workshop on the Comparative Syntax and Semantics of Comparatives, Konkuk University Seoul
    (cancelled due to COVID-19)


  • March 11, 2021 “Comparison in Secwepemctsín”, Salish Working Group, University of British Columbia
  • May 10, 2019 “Comparison Constructions in Malay”, PGT Student Colloquium, University of Manchester
  • May 9, 2019 "Compositionality in Idiomatic Meaning", Semantics Lab, University of Manchester


To the department

  • 2022–2023 Co-organiser of ‘Semantics Lab’ (with Siena Wiengartz), Department of Linguistics & English Language, University of Manchester
  • 2021–2022 Graduate Study Body Coordinator, Department of Linguistics, UBC

To the field

  • 2021 Volunteer, North-west Linguistics Conference 37, UBC


I am an AHRC-funded, first-year PhD student in the department of Linguistics at the University of Manchester. I am a theoretical linguist, predominantly interested in semantics and the syntax-semantics interface, and linguistic fieldworker. My main research focuses on gradability (i.e. degree semantics) or more specifically, comparison. Languages that I have worked on include English, Secwepemctsín (Northern Interior Salish) and Malay (Austronesian). For Secwepmctsín and Malay, I carry out fieldwork in order to obtain relvant data.

My project ('A study of temporal comparison in English and Malay') is an investigation into temporal comparison in these two languages. We use comparison to order people or objects relative to each other, see (1). Temporal comparatives are used to order events relative to each other, see (2). We also use before/after phrases to place an ordering on events, see (3). Therefore, temporal comparatives and before/after phrases are two different expressions of temporal comparison.

(1) Leila is taller than Eve (is).
(2) Leila arrived later than Eve (arrived).                
(3) Leila arrived after Eve (arrived).    

(1), (2), and (3) are related, in fact (2) and (3) are synonymous. However, they have been treated independently in the literature so far. The primary goal of this project is to investigate precisely how much temporal comparatives and before/after phrases have in common compositionally in the two languages in the sample, and how and whether this composition is subject to variation.

Research interests

  • Semantics
    • Gradability
      • Comparison
    • Tense
  • Syntax-semantics interface
  • Field linguistics