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The primary objective of this interdisciplinary research project is to analyse paradigms of understanding Kachin cultural objects from Burma/Myanmar by exploring the value of objects as historical evidence and as repositories of personal and collective histories. Using critical and comparative methods this research aims to bring new perspectives on indigenous museologies and material culture from a turbulent political context.


Gumring Hkangda has worked on cultural research projects on behalf of Royal Pavilion & Museums (RPM), Brighton & Hove, which has extensive Kachin collections. At RPM, he particularly worked with the World Art department of Brighton Museum caring for collections of ethnographic materials including textile items, personal accessories, and historical photographs. He completed an MA and MSc in the Department of Anthropology at the University of Sussex. Having first-hand knowledge of the importance of identity of minority people and preservation of cultural heritage, and he has a commitment to pursuing further explorations in the areas where he has personal interest, in addition to professional knowledge pertinent to his research and future career.