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Lecturer, The Open University

1 Apr 20201 Jul 2021


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  • Kepler K2 Campaign 9: II. First space-based discovery of an exoplanet using microlensing

    Specht, D., Poleski, R., Penny, M. T., Kerins, E., McDonald, I., Lee, C-U., Udalski, A., Bond, I. A., Shvartzvald, Y., Zang, W., Street, R. A., Hogg, D. W., Gaudi, B. S., Barclay, T., Barentsen, G., Howell, S. B., Mullally, F., Henderson, C. B., Bryson, S. T., Caldwell, D. A., & 66 othersHaas, M. R., Van Cleve, J. E., Larson, K., McCalmont, K., Peterson, C., Putnam, D., Ross, S., Packard, M., Reedy, L., Albrow, M. D., Chung, S-J., Jung, Y. K., Gould, A., Han, C., Hwang, K-H., Ryu, Y-H., Shin, I-G., Yang, H., Yee, J. C., Cha, S-M., Kim, D-J., Kim, S-L., Lee, D-J., Lee, Y., Park, B-G., Pogge, R. W., Szymański, M. K., Soszyński, I., Ulaczyk, K., Pietrukowicz, P., Kozłowski, S., Skowron, J., Mróz, P., Mao, S., Fouqué, P., Zhu, W., Abe, F., Barry, R., Bennett, D. P., Bhattacharya, A., Fukui, A., Fujii, H., Hirao, Y., Itow, Y., Kirikawa, R., Kondo, I., Koshimoto, N., Matsubara, Y., Matsumoto, S., Miyazaki, S., Muraki, Y., Olmschenk, G., Ranc, C., Okamura, A., Rattenbury, N. J., Satoh, Y., Sumi, T., Suzuki, D., Silva, S. I., Toda, T., Tristram, P. J., Vandorou, A., Yama, H., Beichman, C., Bryden, G. & Novati, S. C., 1 Apr 2023, In: Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society. 520, 4, p. 6350-6366 17 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

    Open Access
  • The VLT/SPHERE view of the ATOMIUM cool evolved star sample. I. Overview: Sample characterization through polarization analysis

    Montargès, M., Cannon, E., Koter, A. D., Khouri, T., Lagadec, E., Kervella, P., Decin, L., McDonald, I., Homan, W., Waters, L. B. F. M., Sahai, R., Gottlieb, C. A., Malfait, J., Maes, S., Pimpanuwat, B., Jeste, M., Danilovich, T., Ceuster, F. D., Sande, M. V. D., Gobrecht, D., & 15 othersWallström, S. H. J., Wong, K. T., Mellah, I. E., Bolte, J., Herpin, F., Richards, A. M. S., Baudry, A., Etoka, S., Gray, M. D., Millar, T. J., Menten, K. M., Müller, H. S. P., Plane, J. M. C., Yates, J. & Zijlstra, A., 5 Jan 2023.

    Research output: Working paperPreprint

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  • ATOMIUM: ALMA tracing the origins of molecules in dust forming oxygen rich M-type stars: Motivation, sample, calibration, and initial results

    Gottlieb, C. A., Decin, L., Richards, A. M. S., De Ceuster, F., Homan, W., Wallström, S. H. J., Danilovich, T., Millar, T. J., Montargès, M., Wong, K. T., Mcdonald, I., Baudry, A., Bolte, J., Cannon, E., De Beck, E., De Koter, A., El Mellah, I., Etoka, S., Gobrecht, D., Gray, M., & 16 othersHerpin, F., Jeste, M., Kervella, P., Khouri, T., Lagadec, E., Maes, S., Malfait, J., Menten, K. M., Müller, H. S. P., Pimpanuwat, B., Plane, J. M. C., Sahai, R., Van De Sande, M., Waters, L. B. F. M., Yates, J. & Zijlstra, A., 14 Apr 2022, In: Astronomy & Astrophysics. 660, p. A94

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

    Open Access
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  • The Co-Ordinated Radio and Infrared Survey for High-Mass Star Formation. V. The CORNISH-South Survey and Catalogue.

    Diamond, P., Fuller, G. A., Garrington, S., Gunn, A. G., Mcdonald, I., Muxlow, T., O'Brien, T., Richards, A. M. S., Spencer, R., Zijlstra, A. & et al, 17 Dec 2022, (Accepted/In press) In: Royal Astronomical Society. Monthly Notices.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

  • The Nearby Evolved Stars Survey II: Constructing a volume-limited sample and first results from the James Clerk Maxwell Telescope

    Scicluna, P., Kemper, F., Mcdonald, I., Srinivasan, S., Trejo, A., Wallström, S. H. J., Wouterloot, J. G. A., Cami, J., Greaves, J., He, J., Hoai, D. T., Kim, H., Jones, O. C., Shinnaga, H., Clark, C. J. R., Dharmawardena, T., Holland, W., Imai, H., Van loon, J. T., Menten, K. M., & 72 othersWesson, R., Chawner, H., Feng, S., Goldman, S., Liu, F. C., Macisaac, H., Tang, J., Zeegers, S., Amada, K., Antoniou, V., Bemis, A., Boyer, M. L., Chapman, S., Chen, X., Cho, S., Cui, L., Dell’agli, F., Friberg, P., Fukaya, S., Gomez, H., Gong, Y., Hadjara, M., Haswell, C., Hirano, N., Hony, S., Izumiura, H., Jeste, M., Jiang, X., Kaminski, T., Keaveney, N., Kim, J., Kraemer, K. E., Kuan, Y., Lagadec, E., Lee, C. F., Li, D., Liu, S., Liu, T., De looze, I., Lykou, F., Maraston, C., Marshall, J. P., Matsuura, M., Min, C., Otsuka, M., Oyadomari, M., Parsons, H., Patel, N. A., Peeters, E., Pham, T. A., Qiu, J., Randall, S., Rau, G., Redman, M. P., Richards, A. M. S., Serjeant, S., Shi, C., Sloan, G. C., Smith, M. W. L., Suh, K., Toalá, J. A., Uttenthaler, S., Ventura, P., Wang, B., Yamamura, I., Yang, T., Yun, Y., Zhang, F., Zhang, Y., Zhao, G., Zhu, M. & Zijlstra, A. A., 17 Mar 2022, In: Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society. 512, 1, p. 1091-1110

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

    Open Access
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