Maria Kopsacheili


Personal profile


I’m an expert in the material culture of the Hellenistic world with a particular interest in architecture and power, Hellenistic palaces, court culture, and the notion of borderlands. I’m also interested in northern Greece and especially in the history and archaeology of Epirus and the use of cartography and GIS analysis.  

I completed my DPhil at the University of Oxford, where my research focused on Hellenistic palaces as an architectural type and a monarchical institution. I also worked in the research cluster Beyond the Borders: the History and Archaeology of Northern Greece ( In Manchester, my role is teaching-focused lecturer in Ancient History & Archaeology, and since 2016 I've been teaching core and optional courses at all levels and supervising UG & PG projects on Greek & Roman history and art.

I've also worked as an external collaborator in fieldwork projects in Greece and Albania. For the first time in 2018, Manchester UG students had the opportunity to do archaeological fieldwork with me in Greece. In 2020 I added the new course 'Hellenistic World: History and Archaeology' to the department's curriculum and I thoroughly enjoyed teaching my course -partly online - to a group of eighteen highly enthusiastic students.


Units taught

CAHE10011 Constructing Archaic Greek History

CAHE10122 Introduction to Mediterranean & Classical Archaeology

CAHE10232 Cities and Citizens: Studying the Ancient Mediterranean

ARGY20042 Roman Archaeology: Identity and Society

CAHE20042 Conquering Hero: Alexander the Great

CAHE20061 Politics & Society in Classical Greece

CAHE34322 Hellenistic World: History and Archaeology

CAHE60222 British School at Rome Course (UoM coordinator)

Areas of expertise

  • CC Archaeology
  • Greek Archaeology
  • Material Culture
  • Epirus
  • History of Architecture
  • the Hellenistic world