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I am a physical geographer interested in Quaternary glaciations, with a focus on reconstructing palaeo-ice cap dynamics in Wales during the last 20,000 years. My PhD Thesis is aimed at reconstructing the last Welsh Ice Cap, from summits to cirques to decipher the nature and rate of ice loss in Wales. I lean upon evidence from the geomorphological record and utilise high resolution geochronology to improve constraints on the timing and nature of deglaciation.

The response of Welsh ice to Late-glacial climate oscillations (Oldest Dryas, Bølling–Allerød, Younger Dryas) will add to our understanding of Northwest Europe’s wider environmental history during the last termination. Importantly, it also offers insights into the development and loss of peripheral ice caps in mountainous areas in the future, currently overrun by Greenland and Antarctica.

Education/Academic qualification

Master in Science, Environmental Monitoring, Modelling and Reconstruction , The University of Manchester

Award Date: 1 Sept 2021

Bachelor of Science, Geography, Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU)

Award Date: 1 Sept 2017

Areas of expertise

  • GB Physical geography

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