Raphael Johnson

Raphael Johnson


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First year PhD student in Chemistry, studying CO2 conversion into useful compounds - particularly formaldehyde: an important material for industry which is rarely observed as a CO2 reduction product due to it's highly reactive nature.

Previous research involved investigating cobalt-based molecular electrocatalysts for the water splitting reaction, which offers a way to store renewable energy in the form of chemical bonds.


MSc. Natural Sciences specialising in Chemistry

University of York 2017 - 2021

2:1 (With a First Class grade in my Master's project)

Prizes and awards

National Awards:

- Mathématiques Sans Frontieres (2016) Gold Medal

- Mathématiques Sans Frontieres (2015) Silver Medal

- Brazilian Astronomy and Astronautic Olympiad (2016) Bronze Medal

State of Parana Awards:

- Mathematics Olympiad (2016) Bronze Medal

- Physics Olympiad (2013) Bronze Medal

- Chemistry Olympiad (2015) Honourable Mention

Federal University of Parana:

- Biotechnology and Bioprocess Engineering Entrance Exam (2017) 1st Place Medal

Further information

PhD project supervisors: Prof. Robert Dryfe - The University of Manchester (Main supervisor) and Dr. Andrew Logsdail - Cardiff University (Co-supervisor).

Master's project supervisor: Dr. Richard Douthwaite - University of York.

Research Beacons, Institutes and Platforms

  • Sustainable Futures