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Molecular Cell Biology based practicals focussing on experimental design skills

Dental lectures with a specific interest in the extracellular environment

Foundation year seminars and practicals




Dr Chaudhry is a Senior Lecturer specialising in Molecular Cell Biology at the University. She obtained her Ph.D. in Medical Genetics from the University of Manchester in 2002. This was followed by a Postdoctoral Research Associate position with the Wellcome Trust Centre for Cell-Matrix Research. Dr Chaudhry has undertaken research that includes identifying two novel genes involved in deafness and limb development. Mutations in the Na-K-Cl cotransporter gene Slc12a2 were found to cause deafness and mutations in the extracellular matrix gene Fibrillin 2 resulted in abnormalities in limb development and syndactyly. Further research has involved extracellular matrix proteins and how they regulate growth factors. Fibrillin 1 was identified as being involved in regulating the bioavailability of TGF Beta 1. 

Since 2008, Dr Chaudhry has been involved in teaching undergraduate students across Biological Sciences, Medicine and Dentistry. She delivers lectures, small group classes and teaches practicals at many levels from Foundation Year through to Year 1 and 2 students. She undertook the Programme Director role for the Foundation Year from 2013 to 2016 where she led the curriculum review to analyse existing teaching and to create additional teaching provisions for increased student cohorts.

Since 2018, Dr Chaudhry has taken on the role of Programme Director for Biotechnology. Her educational interests include using emerging technologies to facilitate assessment and feedback during practical classes in additon to attending and organising public engagement events.