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Yizhi Li is currently a Computer Science PhD student funded by the University of Manchester, supervised by Prof. Chenghua Lin. He is also a co-founder of the Multimodal Art Projection (M-A-P) research community. I’ve collaborated with Dr. Jie Fu and had a lot of fun. He previously worked as a research assistant at Tsinghua NLP Lab with Prof. Zhiyuan Liu.

His research interests include music modelling, fairness in NLP, and general topics of natural language modelling. More can be referred to the publication pages.


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  • SciMMIR: Benchmarking Scientific Multi-modal Information Retrieval

    Wu, S., Li, Y., Zhu, K., Zhang, G., Liang, Y., Ma, K., Xiao, C., Zhang, H., Yang, B., Chen, W., Huang, W., Moubayed, N. A., Fu, J. & Lin, C., 24 Jan 2024.

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