Belfast Mobility Project (BMP)

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The Belfast Mobility Project (BMP) is a multi-disciplinary group dedicated to understanding the nuanced spatio-temporal patterns of segregation and sharing in North Belfast.
The BMP used a unique, mixed-methods approach to describing and explaining patterns of activity space segregation in the historically divided city of Belfast, including:
GPS tracking allied with GIS methods of data capture, analysis and representation
walking interviews
a large-scale questionnaire survey
participatory GIS, using the Map-Me platform
Most research on urban segregation has focused on global patterns of residential division captured at a single moment in time, often using government census data about where people live in cities. The BMP examined how segregation may arise through the patterning of everyday movements and use of activity spaces beyond the home and over time.
As might be expected, this map shows a great deal of activity segregation between the residential areas that are occupied by Catholic and Protestant communities, though wholesale mixing can be seen on main roads and in consumption-driven non-place locations.
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