Breaking Down Barriers: Building a GeoKnowledge Community with Open Educational Resources (OER)

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    The building of a GeoKnowledge Community through the breaking down of the authentication barrier in the Landmap Learning Zone and developing a specific interface for the GeoKnowledge Community in Jorum will benefit geospatial users from a wide geographical area interested in applying spatial data in their work, who currently do not have access to these kinds of high quality educational resources. The hosting of ELOGeo at Jorum will build further onto the OER work at Landmap and provide the added benefits of being hosted, maintained and promoted by a national data centre ensuring the sustainability of the ELOGeo projects outputs.

    At the end of this project the GeoKnowledge Community will have a unique space in Jorum to deposit e-learning content and open access to 8 high quality courses in image processing and GIS hosted by Landmap. The technical solution in developing a specific community site within Jorum will be transferable to other communities that may have a similar requirement in the future. All technical outputs and developments will be regularly reported in a project blog and tweeted to the user community.
    Short titleP:HVX Breaking Down Barriers
    Effective start/end date2/04/121/10/12

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