Britain and the American Civil War: A Case Study of the Union and Emancipation Society

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This project investigates British public opinion and transatlantic diplomacy during the American Civil War in the first scholarly examination of the Union and Emancipation Society.

In an era when public opinion was especially critical to policy-making, the UES led the last major abolitionist campaign (1863-1865) that decisively influenced British responses to the war.

This alliance of Manchester workers and professionals was the only British organisation seeking restoration of the American Union and its principled stand against slavery attracted national support.

A monograph study of the UES holds the key to understanding the political ramifications of public opinion and is much needed as the current historiography is fractious and divided.

The project will raise awareness of issues of race, citizenship and social responsibility in the present-day.

Its emphasis on the relationship between local, national and international activism provides a timely reminder of the American Civil War’s profound transatlantic consequences.
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