Conversations about Radicalisation: Investigating the Prevent strategy in schools

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The dangers of young people becoming radicalised are discussed in schools as part of the curriculum guided by the government’s Prevent strategy.
These lessons, however, have been accused of being more damaging than enabling; acting as mechanisms of exclusion that repress rather than encourage conversations. Using a series of interactive drama-based workshops this project provides students and teachers with a space to explore the problems and tensions, as well as positive elements, of the current approach.
Conversations about radicalisation is a collaboration between young people, school staff, interdisciplinary researchers, and creative artists, that focuses on developing an inclusive and open discussion about how schools approach extremism that speaks to and is led by, young people. The outputs of this project, including narrative art, video, lyrics and posters, co-produced by the participants, will challenge current approaches.

The project has been funded by The University of Manchester - Faculty of Humanities - Strategic Investment Fund Proposal and Approval form: Social Responsibility - Impact (H-SIF).
Short titleR:HWC H-SIF Jo Deakin 2015
Effective start/end date1/02/16 → 31/07/16


  • Prevent
  • schools
  • Counter-terrorism


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