CREDS Local Carbon Calculator Project

  • Lucas, Karen (PI)
  • Morgan, Malcolm (PI)
  • Anable, Jillian (CoI)
  • Vallelly, Mark (Grant contributor)

Project Details


The project will co-create a combined transport and domestic energy calculator in direct collaboration with Transport for the South east. It builds on CREDS Theme 2 High-End Energy Consumers project ( by using small area statistics to demonstrate variations in energy demands within and between localities. An interactive website will be developed with maps, visualisations and benchmarking statistics, acting as a portal for displaying quantitative, highly spatially granular analysis of energy demands . It will be tested with policymakers, energy analysts, journalists and communities to generate targeted, locally specific actions for energy reduction in the transport sector.
Effective start/end date1/09/2330/08/25

Collaborative partners


  • energy
  • transport
  • domestic
  • carbon calculator


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  • CREDS High-End Energy Consumers

    Lucas, K., Mullen, C., Morgan, M., Cass, N., Leeds, U. & Anable, J.


    Project: Research