Curious Connections: The Impact of Donating Egg and Sperm on Donors' Everyday Life and Relationships

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This project explores the impact of donating egg or sperm on the everyday lives of donors, their partners and their parents.

It will contribute to our understanding of relationships between donors and donor offspring, and of how donation is experienced in wider family networks.

It will be the first major study of this topic since the move towards identity-release donation in UK clinics.

With an increase in the number of children born from egg and sperm donation, some research has been done about the experiences of these children and their parents. But very little research has been done on the experiences of identity-release and known donors, or about how donating impacts on their everyday lives and experiences. Even less is known about the experiences of parents and partners of donors.
Short titleR:HSS Curious Connections
Effective start/end date1/01/1730/10/20


  • egg donors
  • sperm donors
  • family relationships
  • personal life
  • donor conception
  • children
  • Genetics
  • reproductive technology
  • same-sex parenting


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