Decarbonising Consumption in Manchester’s COVID-19 Recovery

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The project Decarbonising Consumption in Manchester’s COVID-19 Recovery is a collaboration between Dr Joe Blakey (JB) and Dr Jana Wendler (JW) from the University of Manchester and the Manchester Climate Change Agency (MCCA). The project aims to ensure that existing expertise on reducing consumption-related carbon emissions can be embedded in to Manchester’s COVID-19 recovery. As such, it seeks to contribute to the refresh of the Manchester Climate Change Framework 2020-25 and Manchester's participation in the EU-funded Zero Carbon Cities (ZCC) project, in particular focusing on the 'urban impact' dimension of ZCC, and helping to set out the socio-economic and recovery benefits associated with implementing the Framework.

In March 2020 the Manchester Climate Change Framework 2020-25 was formally endorsed by
Manchester City Council (MCC) as the city’s climate change strategy. Alongside emissions occurring directly within the city and those from energy consumption, the framework also commits to tackling indirect emissions associated with goods and services consumed within the city (‘consumption-based emissions’). Since then, COVID-19 has dramatically altered the context under which this strategy needs to be delivered.

The UoM-MCCA collaboration has been developed based on JB's membership of the existing Manchester Zero Carbon Advisory Group and his leadership of the consumption-based emissions sub-group. This project will synthesise an evidence-base to identify opportunities for the inclusion of consumption-based climate change commitments within the local recovery policy framework and recommend specific policies, projects and programmes to be taken up. Thus, it will help ensure that the Framework's refresh is underpinned by academic expertise, and the city can continue to set its climate change commitments in line with the latest science, while tapping into opportunities to improve citizen health and wellbeing, create jobs and contribute towards the city’s recovery.
Effective start/end date20/08/2020/02/21


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