Defining the acceptability of ‘safe’ data linkage to identify women at risk of postnatal complication in Greater Manchester

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Currently there is a disconnect between services, for example when a patient is discharged from hospital (e.g., after giving birth) important information does not always reach their GP surgery. Women who have had a complicated pregnancy are much more likely to develop diseases like heart failure and die earlier than women with an uncomplicated pregnancy. To prevent this, a digital tool could be developed that links healthcare data between hospitals and GP surgeries that helps the GP to see which mums have the biggest risk of developing a postnatal disease. GPs could prioritise the order they see these women, reviewing women with greater risks first. To build this tool it is vital to include patients and clinicians in the process to get an understanding of concerns around the use of these data. Therefore, this work will conduct workshops with the relevant stakeholders across Greater Manchester to define the acceptability and outline best practice recommendations. These opinions will be used to build a tool that is appropriate and secure to help improve patient outcomes.
Effective start/end date1/11/221/07/23


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