Electromagnetic Sensing Group

  • Peyton, Anthony (PI)
  • Fletcher, Adam (Researcher)
  • Daniels, David (CoI)
  • Conniffe, Daniel (PGR student)
  • Podd, Frank (PI)
  • Davidson, John (Researcher)
  • Anderson, James (Support team)
  • Wilson, John (Researcher)
  • Marsh, Liam (PI)
  • O'Toole, Michael (PI)
  • Watson, Stuart (PGR student)
  • Yin, Wuliang (PI)
  • Regan, Alasdair (PGR student)
  • Williams, Kane (Researcher)
  • Rana, Soumya (Researcher)
  • Khalil, Kamal (PGR student)
  • Hills, Danny (PGR student)
  • Whyte, Charis (PGR student)
  • Wang, Congcong (PGR student)
  • Hodgskin-Brown, Richard (PGR student)
  • Dadkhahtehrani, Fatemeh (PGR student)
  • Forster, Samuel (PGR student)
  • Zhu, Fengkuan (PGR student)
  • Yu, Kuohai (PGR student)
  • Xiong, Lei (PGR student)
  • Lu, Tianyang (PGR student)
  • Zhang, Ling (PGR student)
  • Lyu, Ruilin (PGR student)
  • Zhu, Ruoxuan (PGR student)
  • She, Saibo (PGR student)
  • Meng, Tian (PGR student)
  • Pang, Xiaochu (PGR student)
  • Zheng, Xinnan (PGR student)
  • Bai, Xue (PGR student)
  • Zou, Xun (PGR student)
  • Ding, Yiqing (PGR student)
  • Shao, Yuchun (PGR student)
  • Xia, Zihan (PGR student)
  • Zhang, Zili (PGR student)


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Material Science