ELIXIR-UK: FAIR Data Stewardship training (DaSH)

  • Goble, Carole (PI)
  • Sufi, Shoaib Ahmed (Grant contributor)
  • Andrabi, Munazah (Researcher)

Project Details


Creating a Fellowship of FAIR Data Steward Ambassadors to increase capacity in Research Data Management across the UK. The project aims to embed Research Data Management (RDM) know-how into UK universities and institutes by producing and delivering training in FAIR data stewardship using ELIXIR-UK knowledge and resources, such as the RDMkit and the FAIR Cookbook.

It focuses on building capacity and professionalising data stewardship while leveraging the local expertise within diverse UK institutions – creating a data management culture change from within the institutions.
Short titleELIXIR DaSH
Effective start/end date1/04/2131/03/23

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