ERA-LEARN: Strengthening Joint Programming in Europe

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ERA-LEARN 2020 is a support action (CSA) funded by Horizon 2020. It started in January 2015 as a support platform for the Public-Public-Partnerships (P2P) community. P2Ps align national strategies, helping to overcome fragmentation of public research effort. P2Ps (ERA-NETs, Article 185, Joint Programming) involve varying degrees of joint effort, such as the co-ordination and integration of national programmes, the implementation of joint calls with EC contribution, and high-level commitment to address a particular societal challenge.

Key findings

A range of publications authored by both the Manchester team and the broader international project team are available on the project website
Short titleR:HMZ Amanatidou H2020ERALEARN
Effective start/end date1/01/1530/06/22


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