ESRC Strategic Hub for Local Policy Innovation Partnerships

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The Local Policy Innovation Partnership (LPIP) Hub is a national consortium, led by the University of Birmingham, convening stakeholders across the research and policy ecosystem.

The Hub seeks to address nationwide issues through local partnership and place, with my role focusing on thematic challenges including cultural recovery, social infrastructure and pride in place.

Through knowledge exchange, embedded research and evidence review, work strands aim to understand and solve local challenges around the UK through innovative and effective service-driven approach to place-based policy making and public service delivery.

By working with local LPIPs, the Hub is designed to lead to a step-change in the quality and impact of the evidence created by universities and their local place partners.

The project aligns with KE and research development activities exploring partnership delivery of cultural infrastructure projects in the North of England and beyond and sharing and disseminating practice and learning as lead for the MUI Creative Placemaking theme and affiliate with Creative Manchester.
Effective start/end date1/08/2331/12/26

Collaborative partners

  • The University of Manchester
  • University of Birmingham (Collaborator) (lead)
  • Economic & Social Research Council (ESRC) (Sponsor)
  • Arts & Humanities Research Council (AHRC) (Sponsor)
  • Innovate UK (Sponsor)


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