Evaluation of the Pharmacy Integration Fund.

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The Centre for Pharmacy Workforce Studies, in collaboration with ICF, were commissioned by NHS England to evaluate a number of Pharmacy Integration Fund (PhIF) funded learning pathways for registered pharmacy professionals.

The pathways aim to upskill pharmacists and pharmacy technicians so that they can work with an advanced scope of practice within a range of primary care settings.

Our evaluation aims to investigate whether pharmacy professionals undergoing PhIF training gain the skills required to expand their roles in a range of primary care settings, and whether these upskilled pharmacy professionals have the opportunities to apply their advanced skills and impact practice.

CPWS/ICF were also asked to evaluate the pre-registration pharmacists in general practice project 2019/20. The aim was to evaluate the implementation of these cross-sector GP/community and GP/hospital pre-registration pharmacy placements, and to identify barriers and enablers of.
Short titleR:KCD SCHE11
Effective start/end date1/04/1931/03/21


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