EXTENSION - Children experiencing repeat referrals and remaining on the edge of children's social care

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In this project, we will follow a cohort of children referred to children’s services and analyse their journeys through the care system, using the Children in Need census data 2012/13 to 2018/19 along with the Children Looked After data 2012/13 to 2018/19.
We will also analyse the characteristics of the children and their local authorities that increase the likelihood of repeated and/or escalating referrals, focusing on those initially found not in need or stepped down out of the system needing no further action, who keep returning to the care system.
This research is funded by Action for Children as part of a wider review on early intervention policy. Our main aim is to understand more about the characteristics of children found at the edge of the care system, but who are not receiving early help to avoid escalating needs.
Short titleR:HEE Action for Children
Effective start/end date16/03/2028/02/21

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  • child protection
  • children in need
  • children looked after


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