Financial Volatility, Macroprudential Regulation and Economic Growth in Low-Income Countries (2014-2017)

  • Agenor, Pierre-Richard (PI)
  • Neanidis, Kyriakos (CoI)
  • Chauvet, Lisa (CoI)
  • Combes, Jean-Louis (CoI)
  • Diaw, Adama (CoI)
  • Faye, Issa (CoI)
  • Ferry, Marin (CoI)
  • Goujon, Michael (CoI)
  • Guérineau, Samuel (CoI)
  • Guillaumont, Patrick (CoI)
  • Jeanneney, Sylviane Guillaumont (CoI)
  • Kinda, Tidiane (CoI)
  • Léon, Florian (CoI)
  • Mamadou, Ousmane S. (CoI)
  • Plane, Patrick (CoI)
  • Tapsoba, Jules S. (CoI)
  • Wagner, Laurent (CoI)


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Economics, Econometrics and Finance

Social Sciences