Gendering Global Trade through Canada-UK Trade Relationships

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‘Gender equality’, ‘gender balance’ and ‘women’s empowerment’ are powerful ideas that increasingly permeate global economic policy. While gender mainstreaming has been the norm in the field of development for many decades, the idea that the gendered impacts of trade policy need to be addressed arrived late to global policymaking. This project surveys this policy landscape. It assesses the current state of research knowledge and scopes existing policy initiatives in the field of gendering global trade governance in order to address two key questions: How can future Canada-UK trade cooperation best pursue gender-sensitive, socially progressive policies? How can Canada and the UK be established as leaders in this global policy field?

This project is being conducted with Silke Trommer (University of Manchester) and Erin Hannah (King's College, University of Western Ontario)
Short titleR:HSG SSHRC led by Canada
Effective start/end date16/06/1814/12/18


  • gender and trade
  • progressive trade
  • Brexit


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