Global production networks and social upgrading: Labour and beyond (workshops)

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Funded by the Brown International Advanced Research Institute (BIARI) Alumni Research Initiative and the Global Development Institute , a workshop was held in Manchester from 04th-06th May 2016.

The lead organiser was Rory Horner, while co-organisers included Annika Surmeier (Human Geography, University of Marburg), Fabiola Mieres (Geography, Durham University), Vivek Soundararajan (Management, Birmingham Business School), Rachel Alexander (Global Development Institute, Manchester), and Shamel Al Azmeh (International Development, London School of Economics).

The workshop brought together early career scholars and established researchers- from a variety of disciplines - including development studies, geography, management, sociology, political science and international political economy - to debate the promises and challenges around the dynamic relationships between global production networks (GPNs) and social upgrading.
Short titleP:HDZ Global production networ
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