Harnessing Remote Monitoring Technolog to Identify Treatment Targets for Fatigue in People with Rheumatic Diseases.

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This project aims to provide data necessary to maximise dried blood spot sampling (DBSS) protocol adherence, improve the accuracy of sample size calculations and determine the total number of participants needed to recruit to future studies.

The specific objectives are to:
Identify and target the barriers and facilitators to maximise DBSS protocol adherence across RDs.

Develop a patient engagement and information package to target the key barriers and facilitators identified.

Conduct a feasibility study to assess protocol adherence (completeness of samples over time, participant attrition), sample viability and variability in inflammatory markers (within and between groups).

Review and revise the study end to end process to increase feasibility and adherence.
Short titleR:KAE McBJ4
Effective start/end date24/07/1831/07/19

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