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The Health Workforce group is within the Division of Medical Education and combines a variety of activities as laid out below with some key strategic goals:
• High quality research-based education through robust research in health workforce education.
• Developing next-generation interventions through researching behavioural insights for workforce change.
• Reducing global health inequalities by our focus on equitable health workforce for low, middle and high income countries.
• Supporting high quality pedagogic/medical education research enabling UoM to demonstrate their excellence in health professional education and training.

We have a national and international reputation for our work in behavioural insights for health workforce development, and medical education research.

Current strategic areas of health workforce activity:

Leadership in behavioural research and psychological workforce development; NHS England initiative to train health psychologists to work on health workforce behaviour change within Integrated Care Systems

Research in improving health workforce: Medical/health professional/pedagogic research and our particular niche of using behavioural insights to improve health workforce practice.

Capacity building. Including the Change Exchange (supporting international health partnerships to use behavioural insights) and development of capacity of health professional educators through international education partnerships.

Delivering impact: Working on the edge of translational research so that our research is embedded in activities that aim to improve health, as well as researching change, specifically with international health partnerships, including World Health Organisation and the Tropical Health and Education Trust.

Specialist content areas:
Behavioural science and behaviour change
Anti-microbial resistance.
Maternal and child health.
Women’s health.
StatusNot started


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