International Network for Transport and Accessibility in Low Income Communities (INTALInC)

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INTALInC was established to build lasting research partnerships promoting urban transport systems that can meet the travel needs of low income, city populations in the Global South.

To provide the evidence to ensure that every human being has a basic right to affordable, safe, clean and reliable mobility resources, with a particular focus on meeting the accessibility needs of low income populations and excluded communities.

INTALInC objectives are to:

1. Develop an interdisciplinary, collaborative network for the co-production of knowledge between UK and internationally-based academics, policy makers and NGOs working within a broad constituency of transport and development related fields, to support the development of more inclusive transport systems within developing cities;
2. Promote active and lasting collaborations between academic, policy and practitioner communities to encourage the uptake of this policy agenda more effectively;
3. Deliver a series of ‘research into practice’ workshops and other events to facilitate exchanges between network members.
Effective start/end date1/01/17 → …


  • transport
  • mobility
  • accessibility
  • low-income
  • vulnerable
  • global south cities


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