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Keep•It•Human is a unique academic spin-out from The University of Manchester, focusing on how videogaming can meet philanthropy in novel ways.

This social venture, founded by Professor Ricardo Climent, emerged from Aspect Success 2020 accelerator with the support of the Masood Entrepreneurship Centre at the Alliance Manchester Business School.

For more information visit the Keep•It•Human website and its various social and environmental games such as:
•  Timbi.World, which adds music and fun to digital fundraising, while celebrating African Culture.
• Resourceful.World - a videogame to become a sustainable steward for Mangroves Restoration in the Philippines, in collaboration with NGO Oceanus Conservation and Imago Software
• A.I. Beatboxer a music and AI videogame for the Manchester Science Festival, exploring how to change Self-Perception to foster inclusive behavior, effective diversity approaches, equality, non-discrimination.
• Resourceful.World, a multiplayer survival videogame for energy-ethic Squads. Become collectively resourceful and save the planet on which future humans depend upon. Resourceful world was funded by UMRI, The University of Manchester Research Institute and is a collaboration with Sustainable Futures and co-developed with Imago Software.

Funding body: Aspect Network Success Programme
Effective start/end date1/04/20 → …


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