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Project title: Constructing Justice

Constructivism in ethics is the claim that norms are valid because they are justified through appropriate procedures, rather than independently true – e.g. we should respect one another’s freedom because we would agree to this in an ideal decision-making procedure. This account has a major advantage, especially in times of pluralism: it enables us to justify moral and institutional rules without claiming that some things are objectively of value. Yet, critics argue that constructivism fails: it either smuggles in value judgments, or it cannot justify anything. This project aims at providing the first book-length defence of constructivism investigating how these two literatures may solve one another’s problems. In so doing, it aims to put forward a novel, more robust account – one which both exhibits solid foundations and provides real guidance.
Short titleR:HSG Ronzoni LeverhulmeFellow
Effective start/end date1/09/1829/02/20


  • constructivism
  • justice
  • political theory
  • ethics


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